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Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Canadians Enjoying the American Pastime

We have not been to a baseball game for several years. Edmonton lost its AAA team, The Trappers, several years ago. They won a Pacific Coast League championship one season. A friend invited us to a game between the Spokane Indians and the Yakima Bears. The teams play in the Single A Northwest League. Both teams are affiliated to major league teams-the Indians to the Texas Rangers and the Bears to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The crowd was about 7, 000. I thought it would be much smaller at this level of ball, but the stadium was full and the crowd cheered despite the home team falling 4-1 on the scoreboard. Here are some pictures to share.

This is what we go to the games for. Right? This is the real full meal deal.

The Indians have three mascots and her name is Doris.

Look I think the ump needs help with his vision. Do you have anything bigger?

If you look really close, you will see the baseball is by the K on the yellow sign. The runner was out on the play with a great pick off.

Did you ever wonder what these guys talk about? I do. I doubt it is even about baseball. #45 has a picture of his little boy or girl out and he is showing it to the rest of the guys. Or the ump just told a joke. #12 (I think that is his number) is laughing, “Good one, Blue! Listen, I got a better one!”

This is Otto. He was the original mascot.

Take care and have a great 18th of July.

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