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Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

I Want to Write Something So Simply by Mary Oliver

Some days, when I sit to write, I find it hard to start and this poem by Mary Oliver came to me this morning.

I want to write something

so simply

about love

or about pain

that even

as you are reading

you feel it

and as you read

you keep feeling it

and though it be my story

it will be common,

though it be singular

it will be known to you

so that by the end

you will think–

no, you will realize–

that it was all the while

yourself arranging the words,

that it was all the time

words that you yourself,

out of your own heart

had been saying.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts through comments and making my words more than just my words.


Nature and Progress

Kathy and I stopped as we passed through Brocket Alberta which is between Fort Macleod and Pincher Creek on the way to Spokane. I took these pictures with the camera on my PDA. Brocket is the home to the Pikani First Nation or the Peigan Nation.

Mountains,sky, clouds

A backdrop

Winged machines

March across the prairie

Product of human hand

Point us towards

A river

Seemingly without pattern, yet poetic

Finding its way, as planned

By unseen hands

Of A Creator.



I think this is a wonderfully stated message for us to embrace. What if we treated the ordinary as extraordinary?

Meanwhile, Melody Muses...

I could fret that my petals don’t match,

That some are shaped inconceivably small;

I could complain that my stem is too weak,

That I’m leaning too far, that my blossom might fall.

I could gripe that I’m alone in this place,

That none of my kind are in near proximity;

I could worry that I’ll soon lose face,

That in aging, my bloom will meet fragility.

But I could boast that my petals are unique,

That the sizing and arrangement reveal a rare soul;

I could revel in the stem that is so weak,

For it teaches me to lean on my Saviour as my goal.

I could learn to develop inner skills,

So that being all alone is not a lonely place;

I could rejoice that my hidden mental frills

Will replace my outer shell, and the fleeting bloom of face.

I could choose to see my world…

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