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Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

I’m Tired, I’m Whipped by Nevin Compton Trammell

I spent a great day on Sunday. I read, had a major nap which caused me to struggle sleeping last night, and spent time with friends doing pizza. I was completely disconnected. It is in these moments I find my voice.

I’m tired

I’m whipped

too dumb to quit

too smart

to let life go by

I’m working hard

to find truth

in my own backyard

I’ve done everything

but die

Took the long way around

on a short ride to town

found a pass

where few have been

Gained a love

lost a friend

scraped my knees

learning to please

started out

with no choice



found my


It is a journey; not a destination. Take care and have a great 17th of July.

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