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Daily Archives: July 11, 2012

Granite Fortress

This is the Rocky Mountains as I looked southwest at Pincher Creek, Alberta. They are spectacular, but as you move towards them and Waterton Lakes National Park they are more majestic. Several years ago, I drove back through Browning, Montana and crossed the border south of Cardston, Alberta. As I drove north, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the solid face of the granite rising out of the prairie floor. Seeing nature’s glory is humbling.

Rock reaches

Steel gray granite

Rises from prairie

Skyward bound.

I am insignificant

In this place.


Walled guardians

Impenetrable reminders of real gifts.

I am taking a short break, so have a great July 13, 2012.


Henry David Thoreau

It is the 150th anniversary of Thoreau’s death. I find his thinking and writing refreshing. His quotes always give on pause to think about the world and this short poem expresses what one can hope life will be like. I just finished reading Experiments in Ethics by Kwame Appiah. If I could summarize that with one quote, it would be this one by Thoreau. I added a haiku below the picture.

experience life

a rich, bountiful harvest

savour over time.

Have a great July 12, 2012. Smile at someone; make them wonder.

This is a very interesting and innovative video that Elke, an Australian teacher, has shared with her followers. It was a nice first post after an absence. Welcome back Elke.
If any of my students follow me or the families watch this. Can we do something similar in our classroom? Who else could we do a video about?


“Steve Jobs” by SangHee (Grade 11) – the Samsung Superhero Winter 2012 Winner

Great video. I am sharing this here because I think this is just another great way to learn. Creating videos on a topic for a group project or an individual assignment is an ideal way to learn. I like it because it promotes authentic learning, obviously includes ICTs and allows for creativity.

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