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Daily Archives: August 29, 2013

Painting With Words

I came across this blog yesterday and the first poem I read was this lovely one about poetry. We are each poets in our own right.

Book to the Future


Painting with words is easy.

For you, it is innate

broad brushstrokes slashed across new canvas

bringing people into your thoughts, your heart

The most intimate touch of oneself on others.


Glorious words are the medium with which you paint

your love, on the pure and powdery white of the paper.

The sound of the brush, the friction with the yielding surface, the curves,

the nuanced magic of mind and hand connected,

The mysteries solved, the enigma remaining.


Lines defining thoughts and feeling,

delineating between fading and brightening of images

shading so perfect as to tint your readers’ heart

Sending it through the cosmos to us denizens of your wondrous kingdom.

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