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Daily Archives: August 24, 2013

A beautiful dance

Relationships need space or they do not flourish. We move together in those spaces and find newness and freshness. I think the rain mentioned in the post is a great metaphor for this growth. It nourishes and feeds the spaces.

Far Away In The Sunshine

Tumultuous Ocean

The words and the image placed together the way I envisioned, always delights my soul in way I never imagined.
Their dance in front of my eyes opens the doors to this wonderful world of creation, I too often dismiss.
Something deep within tells me this is the way to finding myself back.

The forecast calls for showers and I am looking forward to it, I miss the smell of the rain on a Saturday afternoon.
I wish you dear friends a beautiful time filled with joy and passion, doing what ever it is your heart desires 🙂


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Jasper Elk

I traveled the last couple of days and, as I went through Jasper National Park, I came across these two elk. They were just off the side of the highway and have a full rack of antlers.

This one was by himself eating.

Elk 5

This one was not as cooperative in showing his face.

Elk 7

The shy one decided the grass was greener over in the other one’s pasture and began to move over.

Elk 1

The interloper begins to push the original out of his pasture. You could hear the clash of the antlers and the intruder seemed able to push the first one back.

Elk 6

I was closer to an elk when we were in Yellowstone several years ago. There is a story to the picture I took as I climbed down the embankment into the ditch and a moment later one of the other tourists we were with tumbled down the embankment. I told her it was OK because I thought could run faster than her.

I was probably 50 or more feet away from the ones in Jasper. I was only about 15 feet from the one in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Elk

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