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Daily Archives: August 7, 2013

Reverence for Life

One of the beautiful aspects of visiting mountain parks is I feel the energetic vibrations both positive and negative. The positive ones are the beauty and majesty of the world and Kathy driving. The negative is when I struggle with my fear of heights. Those energies are all part of me.

Wildflower Women

The good news is that the future is yours to form, and you are responsible for yourself and how you feel in relationship with others and the world.  We are called to be our best selves and to define our existence by being mindful. The journey is one toward light, toward grace.  There are many paths on this journey, but the signs are all the same – peace, passion, love and above all a reverence for life.

There are energetic vibrations that permeate all of life, positive and negative.  Our thoughts create these energetic vibrations and often times we are not even aware that we are sending out negative vibrations into the world.  It is important to establish an intention with our thoughts to send out positive energy.  With positive energy we benefit not only ourselves, but also the world.  We can do this simply by giving thanks for a…

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