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Daily Archives: August 21, 2013

The Space of Silence

I got away from writing poetry, but I felt it nibbling at the corners of that part of me throughout this hectic summer. As I get ready for the next part of the doctoral journey, I spent more time writing purpose statements, editing them, and edging closer to something workable. With a full course load in September, I know my schedule will look different. Something I need daily is silence and pauses where things percolate academically and creatively. I got back to my yoga mat more this last week or two and I feel good with the silence that I find in those moments. It is another meditative space where wisdom comes calling.


Seek blindly

Grasp and cling.

Be present—


Receive each moment’s gift.

Gently wrapped—

A bow in place—

Wisdom concealed.

In spacious silence—

A wordless symphony—

Plays serene melody.

Unrecognized tailor—

Silence stitches—

Weaves life whole.

A dream

Here is a little humour for the day. If only I could cross the road without my motives being questioned?

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