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Sound of many Left Hands clapping

There is beautiful poetry written accompanying the photography. The final line, a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh is what represents the importance of mindfulness in daily life. Mindfulness reveals the miracles of ordinary life elevating it to the extraordinary.


birthday bath pedals ~d nelson

I’m the sound of one hand clapping
deeply peaceful in near silence.
Among a cohort of other one-hands clapping
calm thickly absorbing into concentration
at any moment bursting into insightful rose pedals of colors.

in my heart singing

there comes a time
when kids of all ages
must put down the frown
and put on the deer antlers

mariposa attends Vesak ceremony

diligence and patience
along with luck and grace
have their just reward
upon emerging
wings spread

happiness practice diagram happiness practice diagram

This is our happiness practice!
Are we ready, willing and able
to have some success
following the basic outline?
I hope so!

Mindful living retreats are held in nature
where lessons are taught
by the plants, trees, streams, blue sky
who then nourish grateful tummies
with vitamins, minerals, sunshine and love.

breathe please breathe please

“Around us, life bursts with miracles–a glass of water, a ray of…

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  1. To be aware, see and feel and to have a desire to be better and love those around us is truly a gift we should all desire. And once we get it we need to share it.

  2. thank you for your kind insights and sharing the post, Ivan!
    smiles, david 🙂


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