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Daily Archives: August 13, 2012


Since arriving home, it has been a slow process. I resist the routine or rut I was in when we left for Spokane. It is hard work, but one thing I noted today, I am not alone in my travails. It seems universal and I am glad for company. As I went through blogs I recognized transformation is a patient process, a slow process, and a personally purposeful process. I looked at the pictures we took on our travels and for all of nature’s ability to change rapidly, most change is slow and transformational.

I wait

Often impatient

Desire for something better

Lean into my steps


Slow, patient, with purpose

Without plan

An invisible blueprint.


With one’s self

Often with companions

Break bread together.


Moments of devotion

To each another

Change together.


No need to explain

Words sometimes fail

A smile assures.

Turn back

A worn path emerges

Look ahead

Share paths.

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