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Jasper and Its Surprises

It was a perfect day. We wandered in Jasper, enjoyed great scenery, and I was with my favourite person.

We found the best at the end of the day. I posted a picture of a bull elk on Yellowstone 2005 in May. I took the picture from about 15-20 metres. Today, Kathy duplicated this with a picture of a cow elk chewing her cud. She seemed aware of our presence, but we were quiet and as others joined us in a secluded area she posed. The wall is about 1 metre thick wall and a similar height.

We hiked for two hours in the Valley of Five Lakes and could have spent more time exploring the small lakes. We crossed the Wabasso Creek and its valley before beginning our ascent. What is surprising about this hiking area, is it is only about 10 minutes from the town site.

We had no easy access to the first lake (they are unnamed), but I used the trees to frame the lake and its prettiness. One of the things we noted about all the lakes was the way they mirrored their surroundings.

The second lake mirrors the mountains and trees vividly in shimmering waters below.

The third lake is a deep green and is very deep in the middle. This lake reflected clouds and trees. The green appeared to be algal growth and not from the source of the water.

We could not get a good angle for pictures of the fourth lake, but it was the home of frolicking dragonflies. Kathy captured this one with amazing patience.

We only got glimpses of the fifth lake. Thick foliage and steep banks surrounded it. We tried several different paths but to no avail. One thing along the paths was the frequency of large rocks left by glaciers which formed this valley and its small lakes.

I enjoy Robert Frost’s The Road Less Traveled. As we began our hike, we saw this path and wondered where it went, but stayed on the main path. As we climbed back out of the Valley of Five Lakes we had a choice: go right or go left. We chose right and found ourselves on the path we wondered about almost two hours before. We took the road less traveled. It was a challenging part of the trip physically.

And, at the end,

We emerged at the beginning

At the trail head,

Mountains rediscovered

Blue skies gone

Clouds not only threatened;

They delivered a promise

Like our day.

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  1. Magnificent visual and literary treat Ivon – thank you!!

  2. Thank You, and Kathy…
    I enjoyed that so much; all beautiful pics and narration.
    The elk must have felt ‘safe’, as I’m sure she was, to allow everyone so near….

  3. What wonderful scenery, pictures, creatures, and poetry, thank you

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  5. Lovely poem to cap off an incredible day. Whenever I am hiking and see a trail branching off, I always want to know where it goes. I wonder while I walk if it is better than what I am on – and then get back to enjoying where I am! 🙂

  6. Again, beautiful pictures, that enable the reader to imagine the experience. The path was especially seductive.


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