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Daily Archives: October 8, 2012

Dance of the Soul

Kathy and I went to the farm yesterday and shared Thanksgiving with Kathy’s niece. We took advantage of a nice day for a walk to the old house and down to a slough on the property. Along the way, we came across a doe. She was skittish and it took time and effort to get a picture. It is hunting season in Alberta so that might be part of the skittishness, but, also this doe has a young one. We did not see the spring fawn, but the mother would stand, watch us, and, then take off, probably reassuring herself the fawn was safe and she served as a distraction.

It reminded me of Parker Palmer‘s book,The Hidden Wholeness. He compared the soul to a shy animal. Last Friday, during professional development, after a reference to the spiritual nature of life, I pointed out to a person spirituality is personal and private tentatively shared with our self first and, afterwards, with those we are closest to. I persisted and hope I left food for thought.

As Kathy and I walked, the deer reappeared several times and, despite attempts at being quiet and still, the deer remained shy and reluctant.

I sit quietly, with occasional great stillness, and my spirit, like the deer, runs for cover. In the midst of strangers and intruders, what else could be expected at moments of vulnerability like the hunting season or when we look to protect that which is closest to us.

Quiet and still

Camouflaged and vigilant

Remains in safe haven

Hidden from view

Protects the important

Distracts the intruders

Returns to its child.

I sit

Wait patiently

Soul peeks shyly

Moves tentatively

Waits for safety

Reveals itself in that moment

A dance repeated.

Look closely. The poplar and the spruce in the foreground frame her in the background.


On Canadian Thanksgiving, we give thanks and await, with hope, for the next moment of thankfulness.

Meanwhile, Melody Muses...

Hope has a way of lying in wait,

a covert operation,

disguised under fallen circumstances,

accumulation of littered dreams.

Just when the next step seems impossible,

the breath of heaven stirs,

tantalizing waft,

and there it is –

a glimmer,

a hint,

a whispered nuance;



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