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Daily Archives: October 16, 2012


When I write and post, I do not know where I go. Each step is its own process without rehearsal.

A step at a time;

A moment at a time

The outlook changes

With each step

With each moment.

The world changes every so slowly

Yet, gracefully

Seek no material reward

Yet, the reward is priceless

A dance with life


Change shines outward

A radiant light shines forth

Illuminates the path

If I am present

The world is a gift

A gift of creation.

Here is a message of hope and helpfulness for each other. Have a wonderful day.


With all fairness and respect to you.

I have to say I care very much for you and your well being.

I have an insight on your emotions.

Feels like a daily basis, where I ask if your doing well.

If things aren’t to your liking, I would do whatever it takes to make you all better.

I know you have standard and they may seem high at time.

But I know I can help you reach them.

It only takes one day at a time to get all you need and ask for.

But, I can promise you will get there.

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Mindful Attitude

I read three articles this weekend and Father Richard Rohr’s daily meditation this morning. I found a clear message in each source and this message has slowly been revealed. Sabbath is a necessary part of my life and I slowly discover its purpose in a mindful attitude. It is in life lived mindfully I obtain a radical unity with my self, creation, neighbor, enemy, and always with God, step by step.

A mindful attitude–

Seek to choose well

Blend fiery passion

With compassion’s loving kindness.

Let life’s fruit mature;

Ripen deeply

Nurture life’s fully.

A spiritual banquet nourishes

Deepest meanings revealed

I Respond to life’s bounty.

Assume responsibility

For one’s self

For each other.

Welcome the world


With childlike wonder

Become one;

Become whole

Transform the self.

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