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Daily Archives: October 11, 2012

In a day and age where we think the latest fad, technological or otherwise, this is refreshing food for thought. Real differentiation operates child by child.


C’est vrai: French president promises to ban homework
French call for boycott of homework

I believe homework is evil in the primary years, especially for students that are NOT struggling with the fundamentals.  The quality of homework that my son has been coming home with has been decreasing and becoming less imaginative and non creative (currently Grade 3).  It does nothing for him except make him HATE school.  It’s boring!  He gets little reading books that are on topics that do NOT interest him.  I’d rather see him totally engrossed in a good book (like Harry Potter, Wimpy kid or The Hobbit) than see him unhappy doing his homework….which by the way he feels he must do so that 1) his teachers are “happy” & he doesn’t get in trouble and 2) so he can get the “fake dollars” to buy stuff!

Differentiation – I would be less anti-homework if…

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The picture below was not taken today. Winter arrived. In some parts of our fair province 10-15 cm (3-5 inches) of snow fell. The insight is that it will be back up about 15 C on the weekend. Behind each cloud lays blue sky. I only have to wait.

Behind sullen clouds;

Insight awaits

In spaciousness.


Be present

Hear silence.

In refuge

Rest heart and mind

Drift with the current.

Behind clouds;

Blue sky

 Be patient.

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