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Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

An excellent thought on Tuesday; we need to live in community and allow our boundaries to be permeable.

Grits and Grains

“…community cannot feed for long on itself; it can only flourish where always the boundaries are giving way to the coming of others from beyond them — unknown and undiscovered brothers.”

by Howard Thurman from The Search For Common Ground; An Inquiry Into The Basis Of Man’s Experience Of Community. (1971, page 104)

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I am sitting and looking out the window at a hard rain coming down. I am really uncertain how I will make it to my car in my shorts and t-shirt. Despite that it is still 18 Cin Edmonton, but it is October and there is a risk of wet snow tonight. Early today, it was quite pleasant, sunny, and, as one student put it, it changed quite suddenly.

October arrives

Softly whispers reminders

Thank and share.

Harvest gathered

Bounty stored

The hearth calls.

Gather as one

Hands joined; heads bowed

Pray as one.


I out waited the rain. It has stopped momentarily

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