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Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

This is such a powerful story. It gives one hope and faith in the future when we have young people who are determined to better their lives despite the risks.

Be Alive

I enjoy the counter cultural nature of Parker Palmer’s writing and the concepts in the Art of Hosting. I write about Parker‘s work often and he describes the listening we need to do to our inner teacher and others as counter cultural. When we invite people into conversation, listen deeply, and ask questions which shake our certainty about the world the same applies.

Today, I walked to the top of Cates Hill here on Bowen Island. It was spectacular. A colleague took this picture as I was writing. Notice I am on high ground and wearing sandals. I got up there of my accord

Perched pensively

Pencil in hand;

My senses alive

I awake–


Sounds flow,

A breeze caresses,

Sunlight bathes,

Peaceful moments–

I bask in each.

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