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Daily Archives: November 16, 2012

This is an interesting question. Do we compartmentalize in ways which allow us to ‘survive’ those parts of the job we don’t like? Research indicates the unhappiest time on average for adults is on the job and the second is the commute to work. What causes this unhappiness, real or imagined?

Unpretentious Intimacy

I am in Vancouver International Airport. I am tired, but, I think, I was rewarded these last few days. I am grateful I was able to turn in and reflect. After a tough day, I people around me reached out and seemed to sense my discomfort. The result was gratifying, but it was not the result. Instead, it was the comfort being with people who cared and brought me into the fold.

I wonder what makes me who I am? Is it the moments I drop my shield of invincibility and show a vulnerable self? That is a scary place, but is so rewarding. It is the slowness of a crock pot where the fruit of intimacy is born. Here, I gain identity in the a relational and caring mirror. But, it sneaks up on me without even realizing it is there.

In a wondrous space

One’s most guarded secrets;

Unshared desires;

Find form—

In a carnival mirror,

Is that me?


Lie with a lover

An uncertain first time

Truest intimacy blooms;

That is who I am

Revealed in the other.

Stay human friends.

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