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Daily Archives: November 17, 2012

Warrior’s Quest

I sat today and was going to post a Lao Tzu poem, The Uses of Not. I typed a short preamble and realized it was a Sabbath poem. Sometimes it is in paradox I find the most sense. It is in questions that I deepen conversations. I am in service of the questions. Earlier this week, I said I spent much of my life chasing answers. This is an echo of Father Richard Rohr who says  maturity leads us to stop chasing certainty. I seek eloquent questions with no ready answers: and invite others into conversations. I might have used pirate, but I began reading Shambhala:The Path of the Sacred Warrior by Chögyam Trungpa recently and it offered a new understanding, for me, of the word warrior.


Seemingly incompatible tempest

Space invites space

Forms a spacious meadow.

Deepen conversations–

Without ready answers;

But, eloquent questions

Be open, surprised.

A warrior’s quest–

Lighten the load

Be grateful and receive the gifts

Serve the journey.

Shape paths–

Ready each step

Because it is right

And not fully known.

This sounded much like a recent poem I wrote. It expresses a deep sentiment. It does take courage to face life.

From Chaos, Hope

It was a long day. I just started thumbing through some right brain scribbling and this popped out at me.

From chaos, hope–

Faith springs from community,

Companions bring wisdom,

Symphonic voices–

Harmony of diversity.

Bind together

Mine eloquent questions;

Provides raw materials;

And life polishes–

Rare beauty under pressure.

Hold each other gently

Be unsure together

Be companions.

Break bread

Be safe in this place.

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