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Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

The Right Moment Arrived

We were hit by a somewhat unexpected winter storm today. The forecasters predicted it for parts of northern Alberta, but it slumped towards Edmonton. Driving was slow, but I took my time and arrived on time, just when I was supposed to arrive. Sometimes in the fog or blizzard of life’s busyness, I lose my way. We are into report cards and we have the latest system designed just for us. I was not very happy yesterday and was letting stress get to me. Today, I took a message from nature and slowed down and it got done.

It arrived–

A winter storm


I felt unsure

Slow down.

Grasping frantically,

Busyness overtakes

I let go

I arrive on time

In the very moment that just arrived.

We are not alone, but the ones on the margins are the most visible. The ones in the middle are hidden from our view.


King Penguins, photograph by AP Photo(Robert E. Klein

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Self Discovery

Father Richard Rohr wrote an excellent meditation this morning. He wrote about discovering the self and all day his words came back into my quiet moments. I am tired, but I feel more awake now, because there is something exciting in being lost.

Discover self–

Imperfect, unrefined;

Genuine, real–

Not hidden;

Unvarnished, vulnerable.

Happiness appears;


Falsehoods recede–

Ever so slowly,

Spirit wakens–

Revitalized and awake.

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