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Daily Archives: April 3, 2013

Each a Poet

We are each creative in our own personal and unique manner. It requires a mindful, contemplative approach to life to allow us to see ourselves as the poets, authors, and artists of our lives. It is in those gaps between the stimulus or gift we receive and the response or offerings we return to the world. The world and universe surround and envelope us in its richness. We pause and realize our world, its gifts, and our opportunities. It is in those pauses we refresh and create.

We journey

We occasionally pause

Muse a moment…

Soak in the world…

In so many ways;

Our hearts touched.

Its sounds–

A luxuriant symphonic backdrop;

A barely audible sigh;

Scarcely heard

Always there

A gentle pulse.

Its sensual touch–

Soft caresses…

A tender lover

It embraces

Wraps us in its arms

A safe place.

Its smells

Drift on a breeze

A rare restaurant

A delectable menu

Its richness

Appetites soothed.

Its sights

Visually adorn nature’s wall

Blend colours and materials

Masterpieces hung

Set upon the mantle

Shaped from nature’s gifts.

The world expresses itself;

Not in words

Yet, as a poem

We are each poets

Served and serving

We craft a life.

What do I offer on a daily basis? This post reminded me of a recent quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Find a Job with a capital J. Stop doing other people’s work.” What is my raison d’être? This is quiet, self-effacing question.



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