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Daily Archives: April 9, 2013

Greenness Growing

I think, touch wood, that spring has arrived in Alberta. With it comes the hope of new harvest from natural and human collaboration. When we work together, we can have faith in the emerging hope. Hopefulness gives us a lightness to our steps and words.

Art and Haiku

We are artists the Fridays we attend. I am not an artist, but have the good fortune to have parents who contribute and are quite artistic. A number of the students are good artists as well. Our first artistic venture was Grid Art. I included a couple of pictures today with a little poetry along with images. I used my cell phone camera so I don’t think the pictures turned out well.

Bird 2

winged clouds above

contrasted against blueness

majestic in flight

Cosmos 2

Brilliant colour

Emerges from black richness

Ever expanding

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