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Daily Archives: April 15, 2013


We made home safe and sound. It was tiring, but we visited and shared with family, old friends, and made new friends. I looked through my volumes of poetry books today and came across this one which, for some reason, spoke to me today. I think it was the title. We share our gifts with each other in ways that can help us through each day. We need to be open and heartfelt in giving and receiving.

Nature offers us gifts and when we open our senses and heart we receive them. We saw the first real hints of spring on the drive home, despite the snowfall in places. Yes, it did snow on April 14th. In similar ways we live in relationship with humans, we live in relationship with the world, the universe and their gifts. We learn from the constancy, the peace, and the fortitude of nature. We only need be compassionate and patient.

John Drinkwater wrote this wonderful poem about this constancy, this peace, and this strength that is always around us and with us in the form of the universe, our family, our friends, and a Creator.

I do not think that skies and meadows are

Moral, or that the fixture of a star

Comes of a quiet spirit, or that trees

Have wisdom in their windless silences.

Yet these are things invested in my mood

With constancy, and peace, and fortitude;

That in my troubled season I can cry

Upon the wide composure of the sky,

And envy fields, and wish that I might be

As little daunted as a star or tree.

Spring Floats on Warm Breeze – A Tanka

We made it home. It was a long weekend and long drives. We saw faint glimpses of spring along the way with occasional pussy willows and greening of trees. Nature is awakening and I thought this beautiful poem was a testament to this awakening.

Dom DiFrancesco

Spring floats on warm breeze

Golden rays bronze winters pale


Rebirth of blossoming soul

Natures call awakening


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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