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Daily Archives: April 6, 2013

Reach into the Heart

I arrive at the end of another busy, fruitful week. I begin the digital sabbath and spend time looking in, reading quietly, writing, and reflect on what is revealed. What is my heart’s purpose?

I gently reach into my heart,

A space not easily entered–

It resists busyness–

Asks for something different.

Here, at heart’s door

I listen carefully,


Then, a faint whisper.

Tenderly emerges…

Here, in delicate quietness;

Here, in exquisite solitude;

Here, in rich frailty;

Here, in soft strength

But, only when I listen

My inner teacher speaks.

What do I hear?

I am uncertain–

It is the soul that speaks

It speaks differently–

Not in human terms–

In spiritual terms.

Wisdom discerned…

Revealed slowly…

In that patience and calmness…

Life animated…

This way

Life’s fruit borne.

Choose a Good One

This is another one of those short, beaufiful, and profound messages that |I receive daily from bloggers. We get to choose the attitude we want to have in each moment. I am learning to say, “This too shall pass” and see the world and my life as a constantly changing place.

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