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Daily Archives: April 2, 2013

We arrived home safe and sound. This is a short and powerful post. We confuse simple with easy, equality with sameness, and morality with human religion. We need to offer the world a piece of our self in a peaceful manner to make the world a better place for everyone. Take care and have a great day.

Inner Whispers

Simple Easy

Equal Same

Religious Moral

Love = Peace

Peace = Compassion

Compassion = Love

Violence NEVER brings Peace

Peace NEVER brings Violence

Love fears nothing

Fear loves nothing

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Ode to a Bookstore

Kathy and I escaped Phoenix relatively unscathed. We love bookstores and on several occasions we bought extra suitcases to carry trophies home.

Despite escaping relatively unscathed, there was still a close call and it found its way into a poem.

There it sat

I had sensed it

Even heard it call my name

Oh so furtively and seductively.

There it was

I knew it was close by

It sat in the back corner

A harsh piece of asphalt

Yet, so compelling and inviting.

I hurried

Some might even say I scurried

But, I heard a cautionary voice

Some might even say threatening

“You only get one!”

“That is your allowance!”

I entered that sanctuary

That quiet, hallowed place

Ah, a bookstore

Not just some Internet siren

It was a real live bookstore

What a treat!

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