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Daily Archives: September 5, 2013

Photo du Jour #87: Sail Away – Santorini

I enjoy Mark Twain`s wit and wisdom. It is refreshing to begin today with his words inscribed onto this beautiful picture to bring them alive.


When I write in my journal, I can use various creative forms. When I stopped for lunch in Priest River, I wrote and poetry emerged. Since I began pausing and taking three breaths each time I wash and dry my hands, I find I pause similarly other times and the calm it brings is beneficial.

Draw a breath in–

Inhale its energy–

Feel inspired–

Bathe in its freshness.

Pause at the peak–

Bask in a new-found glow–

See the world anew–

Be just in that space.

Release that breath–

Exhale its waste–

Let others use it–

Let the world grow.

Let go of that moment–

Be ready for the next ascent–

Look upwards–

Follow breath’s cycle.

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