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Daily Archives: September 27, 2013

Coming Out

I spent a good part of the day reading Taoist material, namely the Chuang-Tzu. Eastern philosophy and its teaching are mostly about being rather doing. It is about being mindful, attentive, and being part of the larger whole and not outside. A quote I came across was “People cannot use flowing water for a mirror; they use still water for a mirror.”

Mark Nepo captured the need to be and allow ourselves to become one with the world in this poem. In unity, we find wholeness and come out in the world.

While there is much to do

we are not here to do.

Under the want to problem-solve

is the need to being solve.

Often, with full being

the problem goes away.

The seed being-solves its

darkness by blossoming.

The hear being-solves its loneliness

by loving whatever it meets.

The tea becoming-solves the water

by becoming tea.

Nix Lapse

Silence is the silence of God. We need the quiet to bring out the real in our lives. It is a time to listen to the “inner teacher” and draw from its deep pool of wisdom.

Tanushree Srivastava

tumblr_lwoqsdV2E91qax8p2o1_500_large“Silence is the language of god,
all else is poor translation.”
― Rumi

I am constantly travelling in a time machine from one phase of life to another. No I don’t have a time machine but my mind is a good enough medium to make this wish true. I am either in my past, dwelling over something or in the future, fantasizing about things. Yes, I enjoy the present, but never completely.

My parents always taught me that my mind is superior. It should control my body. But mind is a part of our body, it was never meant to control our body. They co-exist to fulfill their parts. They are mistaken to be two different entities but they are two parts of the same energy.

Why can’t we stop these thoughts?

We are highly unsatisfied. Ask the Queen of England, she missed peace of mind, Ask the shopkeeper, he…

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