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Daily Archives: September 13, 2013

Turning Point

We tend to live isolated worlds and the boundaries are often rigid rather than permeable. We come in contact with many and absorb something from each. Life is a relational experience whether the relationship is with our self, another person, another being, the Cosmos. It begins inside and emerges. It is blending of all into one that makes us human and allows us to be a part of the macrocosm. We only need to turn to those relationships. Rainer Maria Rilke wrote this beautiful poem about turning points and the need to look inward.

For there is a boundary to looking.

And the world that is looked at so deeply

wants to flourish in love.

Work of the eyes is done, now

go and do the heart-work

on all the images imprisoned in you; for you

overpowered them: but even now you don’t know them.

Learn inner man, to look on your inner woman,

the one attained from a thousand

natures, the merely attained but

not yet beloved form.

Life Is a Prayer

I keep a daily journal and. As I wrote yesterday, this kept surfacing. I jotted the ideas down on Sticky Notes and let them percolate for the day. This is what dripped from the coffee pot.

Life is a prayer;

A mystery

It holds answers

And unshakeable questions.

In the oneness;

Alchemy loosens–

It transforms

In that mystery.

Prayer is listening;

It is an ordinary passage of time

It is the extraordinary voyage of life

Unpretentious, fully lived quest.

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