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Daily Archives: September 28, 2013

L’Orologio di Nonno

One of the items I received from my Dad when he passed away was a pocket watch he had in his jewelry box. It always fascinated me and like the Guy Clark song about his dad’s pocket knife there is something in the old things that carry timeless memories.

Poesy plus Polemics


Grandpa’s Watch

soft old gold patina
warmed by a rough rustic palm
timing medieval birth
of my father
in candlelight colored
by frescoes of Apennine landscapes
he painted while wearing
his bridegrooming shoes
this timepiece spoke life
carried vestpocket snug
from distraught
mezzogiorno antiquity
crossing the ocean of century
ticking its tireless memories
into the hands of my uniformed son
it holds heartbreak and triumph
the bloodline experience
marking we four
generations of men
nestled deep
in its intimate gearworks
where family converges
with history

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