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Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

This quote is worthy of consideration. When we stumble, can we get back on our feet. It reminds me of the Zen saying (I believe) that success is falling 7 times and getting up 8. Self-efficacy and having support around us is so much more than a fall sense of self-esteem which sinks into narcissism quickly.

Unmanaged, Fully Lived

I find I want certainty, but it is impossible to orchestrate. Life is a series of complex, chaotic, messy events and relationships that defy the logic. Life is not unplanned. I need to be awake and attentive for moments outside my plans. What do I do then?

I engineer life,

Manufacture it



Drown in options

To what end–

I ask.

Try and manage,



Pursue material wealth–

Seek false power

An ego massage

But no real choices.

One choice–

Live life,

Experience it fully;

Dig deep,

Find what animates

Sow seeds,

Be patient.

Tend barren ground–

Await the richness and bounty–

Trust what emerges

These are the real gifts–

Not easily found,

But always near at hand–

Unmanageable life

But fully liveable.

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