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Daily Archives: December 14, 2012

This has appeared in my blog reader and Facebook account several times over the last couple of months. Each time it has caught my eye. We live in a disposable society where it is easier to throw things out than heal and engage in meaningful relationships. What message do we want our children and grandchildren to learn? Human relationships are the very fabric of our being and existence.


Marriage is a lifetime commitment!

Communicate through the tough times and reconnect.

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A Real Christmas Gift

I struggled to get the words together. I find I forget the message of this time of the year. Jesus was marginalized at birth, but I can imagine the regal presence and bearing of his parents. He was devoted to those in need. I think of Jesus as rebel as he helped the marginalized. He disagreed with political and religious leaders of the time and sought out those on the margins; those in the most need.

Along a dusty road–

A carpenter strode,

The expectant mother rode,

A donkey her only transport

Her regal carriage–

Back straight, head high

Refuge sought–

Turned away countless times.


He arrived humbly

Born in a stable,

Cradled in a manger,

Welcomed by beasts,

Royal gifts showered upon us–

Without cost;


He only asks, “Can you open your heart?”

He returns each year–

Lights our way,

A source of strength,

Humbly receive gifts,

Restock spirits,

Replenish the soul.

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