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Daily Archives: December 1, 2012

Winter Nights

It is December 1 and Christmas is just around the corner. The last few days I recalled what it was like in rural northern Alberta at this time of the year. We used to sit upstairs and look out the window on cold, cold nights shimmering with white. What caught my eye and ear was the magic provided by the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. They don’t appear in Edmonton as I recall them from my childhood memories. What message was in those celestial colours and sounds?

Small children–

Breathlessly wait,

Peer through frosted window

Soak it in.

Heavens ripple–

Lights undulated;

A celebratory fury

An indisputable guide.

This old house speaks;

Nature answers–

Crackles from the heavens

Sweet symphonic sounds.

Earth’s floor–

Blanketed in white

Celestial colours shimmer

Captures young eyes.

A vivid winter scene,

A sensual, sensory palette,

Reminds me–

Christ’s Mass draws near.


The photo came from Seven Wonders of Canada.


The Bodhistattva Prayer at the bottom has universal meaning. As we move into this time of the year, I need to ask, “What can I do for those who need my help and my protection?” I follow Yaz’s blog and her dedication in November to posting each day about an important health issue is an inspiration.


Below is a prayer that is performed each morning by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is also the unspoken prayer of my heart. I dedicate this to all my readers who have supported me through this month. I know that there were times when the subject matter was not of great interest to you, yet you still showed up in support of my efforts to play my part in bringing that little bit of extra healing to this world. One of you even ‘liked’ my Facebook page every day that I posted these writings. You’d already been to my blog site, yet you took the time to show me that the support had substance.

This month has had great meaning to me. It has shown me that what I write has a place in the hearts and souls of people who have suffered in similar ways to me. This…

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Life’s Purpose

Professional development days at school leave me wanting so much more. It is a pretense of doing something, but is busyness personified. I am left tired, unsatisfied, and with a bit of headache. I just want a choice. What fuels my spirit?

Day’s end arrives,

Quiet seeks me out–

Busyness dissipates;

A frenetic pace abates–

No hurry,

No frantic pursuit of something;

Whatever that thing might be

Remains uncertain…


Lost in a mist

Focus a little off–

I remain unsatisfied

Until, I wonder aloud:

What is life’s purpose?

Or is life its own purpose.

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