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Daily Archives: December 15, 2012

Over the past day or so, I have listened to people talk about what they can do in the wake of yesterday’s tragedy. We can only change ourselves. As we make that change, the world around us might change along with us. What are we willing to change in our self for the purpose of making the world better and safer for our children?

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The world will change when we change.




Marianne Williamson

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I heard the news in my classroom today: 27 killed in a school across the continent. Words cannot describe the sadness we should feel. I watched a video where President Obama wept openly. This is an unimaginable act that seems sanctioned by the lack of laws and a lack of courage to do what is right.s

Such sadness

Strong people weep

Shed tears

Shed not innocent blood.

A tragedy

Senseless, deplorable

Words do not express–

Certainly, do not replace.

In this moment

Plead, beg, pray

Where is our courage?

Certainly not in violence.

The right to bear arms

Holds us each close

Embraces one another

We should never let go.

Use one’s arms–

Bear arms for one purpose–


And to be loved.

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