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Daily Archives: December 12, 2012

The way I understand my life is an essential aspect of my growth. If I see failure in this moment, as an opportunity to grow, that is its own reward.

The Sunset Blog

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

~ Rumi

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Lasting Change

I began writing this a couple of months ago. Each day, I feel increasingly certain lasting change begins and ends with me. I am unsure what that will mean, but am more able to hold the tension in the uncertainty that surrounds that certainty. This is the paradox of life.

I change–

Proceed patiently,



Trust new road signs

Set aside vanity,

Proceed without ego

One that demands others change

And the me remains unchanged.

Real change–

Change of substance–

Feels glacial,

Is worthwhile,

Invites me on the journey

Casts a new light

Softly, oh so gently

Shines outwards.

Be present in each moment.

What I seek finds me–

No search required;

Sit and await its arrival–

It will be on time

Cease the chase,

The hunt concludes–

Rest in this moment

Only its reality exists.

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