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Glacier Waterfalls

I am fascinated by waterfalls. It could be they offer paradox in their fury and the stillness found in their sources or in the pools that lay at the base of the falls. Glacier National Park offered opportunities to see waterfalls up close and from a distance

We saw this one from the car as we drove through Logan’s Pass. We saw several waterfalls that fell either right on the highway or right beside it. Literally, we shot pictures from the car as we drove. Parking is at a premium throughout the pass.


I want to give perspective on driving through the pass. This is common with even more pronounced switchbacks in places. I can look out of the car window when there is vegetation along the side of the road, but my fear of heights is paralyzing. I don’t drive these roads. Kathy was a mountain goat in an earlier life and is far more comfortable with this driving.


We walked in to Running Eagle Falls or Trick Falls. Earlier in the summer and spring, there are two waterfalls caused by spring run off from the snow melt. I copied a picture, which shows the second waterfall above the one in our picture. The link I used rated these falls among the top in the Pacific Northwest.

We hiked into Avalanche Lake. We took pictures from both ends of the lake. The first picture shows a series of waterfalls coming down from the mountain side. The snow on the mountains is actually in the form of glaciers.


We hiked around the lake and were able to take a few more pictures. Another hiker told us he tried to get closer, but once he was a few feet into the trees he said it was impassable. You can see in this picture that it does not look far but the underbrush is heavy. The link to Avalanche Lake has some pictures taken by someone who was able to get closer to the base of at least one of the waterfalls. As we got closer, the waterfalls look quite different with more ribbons appearing.


We were furthest from this waterfall, but the ribbons were clearer as we got closer.


I took two pictures in Logan’s Pass. This was one. Once we got to the top of the pass, it was less open and I was able to manage a camera shot. It was right beside the highway. I rolled the window down, as there was no parking and took this picture.


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  1. I love these pictures!

  2. Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit Galcier. I hear the spring is best with all the wildflowers!

  3. I love the sounds of falls – soothing – therapeutic.
    The first pic is pretty cool. I’ve never seen a fall like that next to a road.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiFALLS!

  4. looks way refreshing on this hot California day, thanks!

  5. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    What a fantastic area to visit. All those falls look amazing and well worth the drive.

    The fifth photo showing the actual lake with the mountains surrounding it is a particularly good one.

    I know what you mean about driving on these type of roads. I drove my three friends in my car along the ridge of a mountain covered in snow & ice (we had chains on the wheels) up to a ski resort one winter about 30 years ago. Steep thousand foot sheer drop on either side of the road in one place – scary, as although I drove at snail pace, we passed a car which has slid of the road and was hanging at a precarious angle. Never drove my car up to the ski resort ever again.

    • Thank you for the comment Vicki.

      The mountains are beautiful. The irony of it for me is I enjoy the mountains and have lived in them, but climbing and being on the edge of them is challenging.

  6. Catherine Johnson

    Beautiful! I love waterfalls too.

  7. Gorgeous! 😀

  8. talesfromthelou

    Lovely day

  9. Amazing photos. What a trip y’all are having! 🙂

  10. Cool! Thanks for sharing! We have waterfalls all over Hawaii, and like you, I am drawn to them.

  11. Those are gorgeous. I don’t like heights or cliffs either. Years ago, heading south through Big Sur with my boyfriend — so me sitting on the cliff side — part way through he made me roll my seat all the way back cause he couldn’t take the whines and screams any more…

  12. Beautiful! We saw some great ones in the Swiss Alps when hiking lately. Full of energy, wild and ice cold! 😉 Jenny

  13. Thanks for sharing the cool looking waterfall shots. One day was hope to travel there ourselves. I’ve heard they call one of the roads “highway to the sky”. Looks and sounds awesome. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    • Thank you Bruce. As a photographer, you will think you have died and gone to heaven in Glacier. It might actually be a stimulus overload there is so much. There are not many roads in the park so you will end up on the Going to the Sun Road. It takes you right through the heart of the park and into Logan’s Pass.

  14. These pictures are breathtaking (though I too find heights breathtaking as well)…Kudos for Kathy’s intrepidness despite my difficulty with getting the image of her as a mountain goat out of my mind…:-) Thank you for sharing Ivon – I loved this!

  15. These are fabulous photos, Ivon, and I was amazed that waterfalls were falling onto the road!

    • Yaz, I think it is a product of the road design in American parks particularly the mountain ones. The climb is incredible and you get right into nature. Many of these roads were built during the Great Depression.

  16. What a beautiful journey! I am afraid of heights too. I remember the passes in Scotland, thinking I am going over the edge any moment.

  17. Lucky, lucky you and us–those are amazingly beautiful shots–so pristine. I grew up in MT–went to Glacier Park a few times–didja ever go to Babb? We went there–it’s near there. More pig n’ people in Babb!

    I love your discretion on behalf of the unknown lake goers.

    Your wife is brave to drive those roads, too, no doubt!!

    • Thank you. We drove up towards Babb and stopped at a small diner in St. Mary’s. By the time we got going again, it was getting late so we headed back to Cutbank where we stayed on the east side of the park.

      The whole area is beautiful. I have enjoyed our trips in Montana. This is about the fifth or sixth time. It is such a diverse area.

  18. sorry—I missed an ESS on my comparison…:)

  19. Looks incredible!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best.

  20. Hello Ivon, Thank you for liking “JUDAS KISS”. You won’t be disappointed. By the way I like very much all your work.

  21. Beautiful waterfall there would make I me yet smooth underneath.A beautiful Abend.Herzlichst Andrea

  22. Your pictures are beautiful. I love nature, and the waterfalls are breathtaking.

  23. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing

    Reblogged this on lost creek publishing.

  24. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Beautiful Photographs…
    Take Care..

  25. Your pictures are fantastic! We went over Logan’s Pass on our motorcycles a few years ago. It was gorgeous! I recognized your first photo -we got splashed right there and it was under road construction so we were stuck a little longer than I liked! 🙂

  26. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Fantastic pictures, Ivon. How magnificent to BE there. Just fantastic.

  27. Wonderful country Ivan. Thanks for the armchair tour. I have not had the pleasure of seeing this scenery firsthand, so it’s great that you and Kathy were able to capture some of it with your cameras. The hotel in the Waterton Lakes area reminds me of the hotel at Crater Lake here in Oregon — same vintage, I imagine. Thanks again, Alia

    • We have not been to Crater Lake. We have traveled in other parts of Oregon and mean to get down there. I love National Parks as most of them tend to be less populated once you are off the beaten path. You can find quiet spots, even in Banff, which is super busy. Take care and stay well Alia.


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